Песни бардов, тексты и аккорды Песни бардов, тексты и аккорды Песни бардов, тексты и аккорды Песни бардов, тексты и аккорды
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Песни бардов, тексты и аккорды

"Artists" by B. Okudzhava

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Come on, artists, take your palettes, dip your brushes ,
In the hustle of Arbat yards and the dawn,
Let your brushes be like leaves upon the ashes,
Like October leaves on ashes in the morn.

Dip your brushes in the light-blue of the city,
In accord with old tradition of the town,
Paint the picture with affectionate precisionMe and my love in Tverskaya walking down.

Let the pavement rock a bit as if in waking,
Let the things that havent started yet begin,
Youll be credited with this, jusgo on painting,
Whats the sense of guessing whether "lose" or "win"?

Paint like judges our fates and our dating,
Our summer, our winter, our spring...
Never mind that we are strangersgo on painting,
Later on I will explain you everything.


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